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NY Finest 2014 Gelding 15'2hh

Raulito 2018 HORSE 16hh

Reese 2018 Mare 15'3hh

Cat 2007 Mare 16'2hh+

Hackey 2019 Gelding 16'1hh+

Dasher 2019 Gelding 16'1hh+

Solesofhershoes 2018 Mare 15'3hh

Bold Daddy 2014 Gelding 16'1/16'2hh

Top Deputee 2016 Mare 15'2hh

Fiona 2010 Mare 16'1hh

Turk 2020 Gelding 16hh+

Journey 2016 Gelding 16'2/16'3hh

Midnight Flyer 2019 Filly 16'1hh

Tradeoff 2018 Gelding 16'2hh+

Division Street 2019 COLT 16'3HH

Arzani's City 2017 mare 16hh

Music City 2006 HORSE 16'1HH Cincinnati OH FREE TO GOOD HOME, Vet reference...

Rabbit 2018 Gelding 16'1hh+

Leo 2020 Gelding 16/16'1hh

Red Bee 2018 Mare 15'3/16hh

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