• apaulus1987

Zuriel 3yo INTACT 15'3/16hh

Florence KY

Free to good home

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Overall sweet, kind and well mannered young horse. He came up from different connections a few weeks ago so ALL I CAN TELL YOU ABOUT HIM IS WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS FOR HIS NEW CONNECTIONS. Upon arrival he went into training.. Was able to handle basic training but when he started to be pushed they noticed he was uncomfortable and he came back from the track sore. Xray revealed chips in the left knee. I have NO diagnosis and no information to give you one if he is or is not a surgical candidate, it is your responsibility to discuss with your vet and surgeons on an outcome if interested. Only ONE xray was taken, it was enough to know they werent going to push him and try to race him. He is a stunning boy and pretty well put together.... Turnout right now will probably be his best friend, Ive seen plenty of horses get turned out to allow chips to set and come back for all different levels of careers (this is just my opinion)

Guys please do not waste my time. You WILL be asked for a current vet reference. If you havent spoke to a vet for years or your vet knows you from one time just in casual passing that is NOT an adequte vet reference, im sorry.

He is intact, he will not be gelded here.. If you want to geld him its again your responsibility to set that up.

The meets over, he doesnt have a ton of options and at this point we just want to get him to a safe place to recoup and recover.

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