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US Delta Force 4yo Gelding 16'3hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Lovely guy with a great/quiet disposition. He has been so well behaved you dont even know he is in the barn.. never any oasues with spooking, he settled right in on day one and made the place home. A few things you need to know.... Delta came in with Glue on shoes, we HAVE got him back into regular shoes but in order to keep him that way you will need to be working with a farrier comfortable working on thinner soles. He came in pretty body sore so we have been giving him a good feed and turnout schedule. I DO think he needs a little more time before being restarted but I also think if given that time he is a heck of a good candidate to be a very nice horse. Doesnt have the most perfect conformation, but also isnt the worst.

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