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Top Deputee 2016 Mare 15'2hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

I absolutely adore everything about this mare... she is kind, classy, quiet, and she gets along with everyone. She came to me after her last foal was pulled off of her a few months ago and has been with us through the winter. Her last foal tore her (his leg went through the anus but she was not septic) he is a big spirited guy and I think was just a little hard on her so we have mainly worked on putting weight on.

FULL DISCLOSURE if you're wanting to breed her she will need to be repaired before it is done... she is perfectly fine to be ridden this way and it causes NO limitations as far as a riding career but I would still recommend going ahead and stitching her up, otherwise she will have poop on her hind legs.

I took her down to Lexington in attempts to go ahead and have her stitched up ( it's a relatively easy process) HOWEVER, the stitches did not stick. The surgeon said the reasoning was bc the time of year and their poop naturally being more solid... he recommended having it done in the spring after she is turned out on spring grass when the poop is softer and will not tear the stitches.

This little mare is a chunk. She is an easy keeper that eats well, is barefoot, and she can be inside or outside and is equally quiet and content.

I know absolutely nothing about her history before being a mom, but I do know she is a very easy ride and her first ride back ( I have not idea how long its been since shes had a saddle on) she was on the buckle like an old school horse. She could be such an asset to a lesson program and I think she would thrive having a purpose and having all the attention... she also really loves kiddos.

NO VICES. Loads, trailers, ties, crossties, stands to tack, stands to mount/dismount. She is a very agreeable and easy going horse.

NO other pics or video.

Please message me by social media or email DO NOT message the website.

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