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Tenacious Millie 13yo Mare 16'2hh

Burlington KY


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Millie is the total package when it comes to a nice horse that is going to surely get you ribbons in the show ring! She has so much training under her (so much) She came into

us about a year ago from an older womam that unfortunately had to give up riding due to needing a hip replacement.. When she came in we were so happy to find out how well educated she was and since she has only continued to blossom. She is NOT for your beginner rider to learn on, she is also not for your amateur rider that cannot ride confidently with a lot of education. Millie has a lot of buttons, she appreciates being ridden correctly and is not so forgiving to someone that will want to pull her around or bounce around on her back while theyre learning. I am NOT saying she is a pro horse bc shes not, she is VERY amateur friendly to a good and educated rider. Would be phenomenal in the hunter ring but I also have a friend that adores her and she adjusts to a jumper style with athletic, catty, quick turns and tons balance. Has clean changes IF you know how to ask for them ( my mother does not) The video posted was her first ride back today after a month off and VERY limited turnout with the weather. Ive had surgeries and been laid up so most of my horses have had the past 4-6 weeks off completely while Ive been healing. She is a mild cribber but to be honest I cannot tell you the last time I heard her crib. Likes a hay bag and prefers a high forage over a lot of feed. Can turn out with mares or geldings but we have always had better luck with her getting along with the geldings (and having no attitude)

Shes barefoot... She had always been barefoot. Never any soundness issues and never any maintenance.

SHE IS A MARE. When cycling she does act like a mare. Im not going to hide this trait. If you are not a mare person then shes not for you. Shes never offered to bite anyone or anything violent. I do think she woulf benefit from depot or regumate but I have not personally had her on either.

This mare needs to be in the show ring this year, she needs to find her person (lucky person) and she needs to shine. I have 2 personal horses I plan on taking out this year and my friend who enjoys riding her just had a baby and cannot take more than pne horse out for the year (her personal horse) That puts Millie on the back burner and she doesnt deserve to be there.

I have never seen a horse as honest as this one when it comes to jumping... She literally lights up and just loves to jump. When fit and going regular ahr is a consist 3-3'3ft horse with plenty of room to go up. Her talent is pretty limitless anf I just want her to be able to use it!

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