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Sweet Hall 8yo Mare 15'3hh

Atlanta GA

Price negotiable to the right home!!

Now known as Louise! Last raced Sept 2019 and was purchased shortly after. Louise has some miles under her but is still a project to finish out your way. The goal was to go to the RRP but her new mom needs something a little more laid back. I DO think she is an amateur rider horse but a more confident amateur that is okay when a horse gets a little anxious or wants to move forward. She did retire with osselets and has had them as far back as I can even remember.. NO they have not caused any soundness issues and NO they still are not causing soundness issues at all. Her shoes were pulled for a more barefoot approach and she is currently working on her hoof walls growing out but will be getting front shoes back on ASAP. Shes been on a few trail rides where she has done well. No behavioral issues, again her owner just needs/wants something super laid back. She does love her otherwise.

Great option for someone on a lower budget that can offer a great home.

To inquire please call/text Jen at 404-668-6678

Pics and video

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