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Standout 2020 Gelding 16'1hh+



Burlington KY


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This guy came to use in July a little bit muscle sore and his feet were just top short, wrong angles and etc. After a little work we have successfully got him barefoot and comfortable. He is probably the EASIEST thoroughbred you could possibly ask for. Did I mention he looks like this and is also living outside 24/7? He is thriving with farm life and its wonderful to see! Yes, he can 100% be stalled, he doesn't mind one bit... he is just thriving on turnout and has gained so much weight and filled in we didn't want to change what we saw was working so well.

Has not been restarted, but he is more than ready to find his person and get going.

He will leave here barefoot, he is more than comfortable... I cannot say if he will.or will not need front shoes under saddle (especially if riding on rough terrain)

He is the sweetest horse. So well behaved and has great manners. He is a great friend to his pasture mates but very much his own horse that doesn't follow or get buddy sour.

This guy is a keeper and someone's heart horse!

NO other pics or video

Email or message on social media. Do NOT message the website.

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