• apaulus1987

Somethinstappin 6yo Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY


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Tappin is a kind and playful guy with a clown personality. Likes his attention and Loves his food! A year ago he came back from a race with a swollen suepensory.. He was never lame and it was found before the damage was done, thankfully his connections decided rather than pushing it further they were going to allow him to rest, introduce him to the farm lifestyle and find him a home off the track (which is exactly what we are doing) He has had over a year off between relaxing in Ocala and being in KY and he is ready to have a purpose (trust me he is so ready)

Gets along with other horses in a mixed herd and is lower on the totem pole. He has no vices but does have a ton of personality. Would recommend a lower level type career (this means he isnt going to be your next grand prix not that he is a Walk/trot horse)

He is easy on the eyes, a relatively easy keeper and would be an adorable dressage horse!

He has not been restarted but is ready. With end of the meet sept-nov and then me just having surgery and going into another surgery we will not be restarting him, price reflects this.

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