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Sardonic Smile 4yo Gelding 16'2hh+

Cincinnati OH


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I absolutely love this horse and wouldnt think twice about having him if I needed another. He is so charismatic and so full of personality, it's hard not to love him. Want color but those horses are usually out of your budget? Here ya go! He is a massive guy.. Tall, big boned, and and easy keeper.

He does have small bows up front, they were rehabbed and he has raced on them.... Coming from someone that's deals with bows regularly and has competed on horses 20 years with Bows, my opinion is the only limitations this guy will have are the ones you put in your head. His legs legs are tight, theyre also cold and he is 100% sound barefoot. He is a feel good horse but never bad behaved so not for someone on the timid side.

Was born in CA during this wildfires and he does have scars on him from being burnt as a baby, do not effect him.

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