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Russian to Tapit 4yo gelding 16/16'1hh

Florence KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

I know sometimes it is hard to gauge a horses temperment through videos on the track but let me just tell you this horse is a love bug. He is quiet and calm... Goes out on the track and just hand gallops and is always so easy going. We caught him at a bad time feeling a little frisky and that just happens in the winter. He is the horse that puts his head on your shoulder and will sit there and backs up to you for butt scratches.... Truly will be someones heart horse and he deserves to be someones heart horse. Great manners and work ethic! Learns quickly and is more than willing. Will be a good educated ammy restart that they can have fun with and just enjoy the ride! NO vices! Retiring will NO soundness issues and NO known injuries. He is ready for his new life and his best friend. Fresh body clip, has NO hair.

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