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Rontos Society 8yo Gelding 16/16'1hh



Ronto has always been a pretty steady eddy type that is easy to get along with.. even at his worst when he is racefit, it's cold and he is feeling good he was relatively easy. Ive known this guy for a few years (probably about 4) He is a great option for someone that wants a SOUND horse and is shopping on a budget. He isnt huge but also isnt small and can take up quiet a bit of leg (especially when he fills out) He retired back at the end of the Belterra summer meet and has been let, was brought back into the track bc it is insanely muddy here with absolutely no end in sight and it was the easiest option to get him cleaned up and shown nicely to find a home. He retired sound and to my knowledge since knowing him has always been sound. He does have the smallest of little osselets, but he is also an 8 yr old racehorse... those tiny osselets were there since before i knew him and have had no effect of him. He was a little playful in the video but keep in mind he came to the track and has been sitting in a stall. He is very much an Amateur friendly restart and is ready to start his new adventure. Currently barefoot and has been barefoot all fall/winter.

Pics and videos have had a glitch on the website. If you cannot view the links please email me at

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