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Rocking Ro Ro 4yo Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY




Rover is the best behaved boy in the barn! His manners are next to flawless and his mind is just amazing! I have not seen this horse look at ONE thing in the time I have known him. He is the same horse every single day whether he gets turned out or we have a week of rain and he has to stay inside... Just the sweetest and most well behaved guy you can ask for. He has absolutely no vices, so quiet in his stall you forget he is there and Keeps a VERY clean stall!! This boy is the perfect chunk.. He has tons of susbstance and is just a doll. He is a more relaxed and laid back horse not trying to go anywhere fast so would probably like a rider that prefers this as well rather than "more go than woah"

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