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Ransom The 5yo Gelding 16'2hh

Florence KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Bully is a looker... He is just stunning. Contrary to belief if you watch his video, he is also a very good boy. Winds were blowing, horses are feeling good, and there was a broken intercom behind me screeching that kind of was the icing on the cake to set him off. He is a big boned guy, huge stride, and a doll to be around... Such a love and aims to please. Doesnt like thw artificial surface so has been off most of the winter VS trailering to other tracks (bc they arent local)

Cannot think of the "medical term" vut he has a smaller bubble in the tendon sheaths, he nevee bowed and has been there about 2 years. You can drain these and they will go away but usually they come back the same. It doesnt change anything to drain or leave it so most people just leave it. Retiring sound just not going to be competitive in the spring and summer meets. I adore this horse and hope to see him go on to do great things!

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