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R U Kitten 5yo Gelding 15'2hh

Florence KY



Kitten is a bit of a unique situation. He has bot rsced since Sept 2018 but had been on the track the entire time. At the end of 2018 he (along with a few other horses) came down with Potomac. The vets were sure he wasnt going to make it with holding a high fever so long but this little horse fought and survived. With that being said, he did end up foundering and his owner has spent the past year getting his feet healthy and on the mend. He doesnt have a farm so he has paid to keep hin at the track so he can work on him every single day. Kittens feet are still in the process of growing out and i do not want one (i mean it when i say not one) comment about his feet being long. The bad hoof is still growing out and this is why his feet look a bit long BUT he was just trimmed 3 weeks ago (i talked to the farrier myself) He goes out and get exercise in the roundpen almost every day and he has maintained staying very sound thus far BUT he does need an easier job. This horse is sweet and saintly fortunately. He could easily be an addition to a beginner type lesson program or a partner to a less advanced rider. He is Always kind, calm, Easy going, and doesnt have a care in the world.

This horse is very important to his owner and he will only accept someone that will love and give him a wonderful home. He has put so much dedication into ensuring he has some type of future.

If youre looking for a horse needing and wasier job please consider!

If youre having trouble viewing pics and video please email me at

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