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Pearl Gone Crazy 4yo Filly 16/16'1hh



Pearl is a lovely young horse that is UNRACED. During her 3yo year she trained but was not training "well" she could have raced but would have likely only had a chance starting out in very cheap races. Her owners elected to take her home and let her mature (which isnt uncommon) and bring her back as a 4 year to see if they had a stronger horse.... during that time the owner got very sick forcing them to cut expenses and their racing string, it's an unfortunate situation.

Pearl is use to farm life, she gets along well with other horses, loves turn out and fully understands how to "be a horse"

She has great mares, is not overly sensitive, brave, and mature beyond her years as well!

No vices or behavior issues and no faults of her own as to why she didnt make it to the track.

This is a bigger built filly for her height and I think she will continue to blossom and fill out when in full time work.

She is barefoot and a relatively easy keeper!

Pics and video

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