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Norman 2019 COLT 16hh



Burlington KY


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If you're looking for a horse with ALL the personality and none of the drama, he is it. Norman loves life and everything and everyone in it, it's just that simple. He is a pleasant guy that never has a bad day, doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and I'd an absolute gem of a horse under saddle.

He retired in late June due to a fractured splint bone (not effecting the suspensory and did not need removal. Just a simple 90 days stall rest) Norman did his healing period here with us and has been started under saddle. He was a gentleman on stall rest, was perfect transitioning to turnout, and has been nothing short of saintly under saddle. Currently being ridden by one of our girls who is 17, she's had play days on him, done arena work, and although he is still very green jumping (he has jumped 2 times) he is more than eager and willing to learn, and above all HONEST.

Norman is 100% sound. He has NO vices. He is a colt, yes he would be a great gelding. The only reason he hasn't been gelded is because he is able to turn out with geldings with ZERO concern and being intact hasn't been an issue for us.

Simple surgery to geld him, he is fully dropped on both testicles.

The only negative thing I can say about Norman is he always likes to be playing with something whether that something is the pitchfork you're trying to clean his stall with, the hood of your sweatshirt, the leadrope you're walking him with.. etc. Again. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, this is NOT aggressive behavior, he is just playful. Some see this as a vice, some see it as something they don't want to deal with. That being said it is most important for us he finds the perfect home he deserves and we want to make sure it's known.

All in all, I would probably put anyone on this horse and feel comfortable with the decision. He has the best brain and luckily for him... his movement and looks aren't too shabby either!!

YES, he is RRP Eligible!

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