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New Blue Cat 8yo Mare 15'3hh

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

**REDUCED TO 1200**

Cincinnati OH


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

This little mare has the ability to be very fancy if the time is put in to her. She loves having a job and is a "feel good" type horse. Retiring sound with no known limitations, she wasnt a great racehorse but has a ton of heart and always tried. Beautiful and BIG mover with a naturally strong hind end and lovely suspension. In the right hands I think she could be a phenomenal 3day horse! Overall good manners and sweet, we took her out while the races were being called over and I think she got excited bc she thought she was going to go to the track. Naturally a forward horse but easy to control and never does anything wrong. Knows he job, loves her job.

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