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Nehawk 14yo Grade paint 15'1hh



Burlington KY


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I rescued this horse a few months ago, she's been with us roughly 4 months.

We've fixed the angles of her feet (good feet, solid barefoot horse) and worked on trust and just getting to know her.

She came with some confidence issues, at some point someone was not nice to her but you guys, this mare aims to please. She loves to do good and be rewarded for it. The only problem we've ever had with her was when she was first under tack she did not want to go forward, she just wanted to stand... she seems way past that now. She rides out in a group, rides out by herself, not spooky, she will literally go up.. down.. over.. or around anything and does not care. Just started jumping and she jumps ANYTHING you put in front of her with zero hesitation.

Still working on the canter, it's a bit fast but she is learning to relax... especially outside in the open.

Going to assume she's had some kind of reining training as she has a quick gallop to sliding halt stop if asked. She is very light in the mouth and ques are very light.

Does have clean flying changes but they could definitely be cleaned up a bit.

She is going so well and would be an EXCELLENT foxhunter for someone that wants a smaller stout mount... foxhunting could truly be her perfect calling.

Still a project needing finished, but she is as cool as they come!!! Can be a kids lead line horse now or worked on a lunge but would not put a kid on her yet without the lunge line.

I'm glad we were able to give her a second opportunity at a good life bc she is so talented and so deserving of her person.

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