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My Temple 6yo Mare 15'3hh

Florence KY



Stout but smaller filly. She is really sweet and well behaved. Lower lifetime starts, only 17 and her legs are overall very clean. This mare beeds a little work on her feet, thats her issue at the track. She has "flat feet" and thinner soles, she really doesnt do well in race plates. Was just shod and since the farrier actually came back and pulled her shoes to make her more comfortable. Her feet arent bad in the aspect that they are falling apart they just need some work on angles and corrective shoes, a good option with probably be wedges shoes for awhile to lift those soles off the ground and stop her from bruising. Other than that she has nothing going on. It isnt something you are going to fix overnight but it CAN be fix with a little bit of time.

She's a kind girl, deserves someone to love her and just give her a little time!

Pics and video

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