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My Ronnie’s On - 8 yo 15.2hh gelding $1200

Reduced to 1200 for the most perfect home!!!!

My Ronnie's On

8yo Gelding



Burlington KY

** provide zip code for shipping quote **

When you initially meet Ronnie you can tell he has an absolute heart of gold. He is so polite, kind, in your pocket and has so much love that he wants to give!! Initially when I chose to bring Ronnie on from NTWO I heard his story... he was found at auction where kill buyers where running up the prices on the TBs and NTWO refused to give up. Ronnie landed safely and has had a happy go lucky life since and now is ready to share that happiness with someone else. How a horse like him that has everything going for him from soundness, great movement, lovely conformation, a heart of gold, manners of a saint and so much lore could end up in the situation he did I will never truly know but I am honored to make sure he gets his happy ending.

Ronnie is 100% sound with no limitations and clean (CLEAN) legs. He has NO vices or behavioral issues and he is an easy keeper who has been living on 24hr turnout barefoot and 100% comfortable.

Gets along with all horses but is equally fine by himself.

Ronnie can go in absolutely any direction.

He is NOT a small horse by any means. Super athletic and could go English or Western.

** all horses have a basic vetting upon entry to NTWO. This is NOT a free ppe to buyers, however, when there are findings they are publicly shared with any horse **



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