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My Man Kan 5yo Gelding 16hh

Updated: Sep 15, 2019



Kan is most definitely THE MAN! He last raced 8/29 and has come to join us at the farm while waiting for his new person to free up some extra space at the track. He has been the perfect new resident not placing a foot out of place. Acclimated to turnout with others like a champ, quiet and clean in his stall, loving/kind/affectionate, a great eater... and something so many will LOVE is he self loads and unloads. He is the perfect solid citizen all the way around! Great conformation and a sporty build that will allow him to go in so many different directions and he is sure to give his person 110%. Being around this guy can take a lousy mood and turn it into a great day just bc he is such a naturally sweet and happy horse.

I'll be excited to see him move forward in a new career!

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