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Macho 2019 Gelding 16'2hh



Burlington KY


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Built like the perfect sport horse prospect, this guy has beauty, brains, and a huge personality. He is bold, charismatic and just flat out charming! Last raced 1/11 and has come to hang out with us simply bc he is not cutting it as a race horse... he is TOO SLOW.

No bad habits. He is playful, may grab your jacket or hood of your sweatshirt if you let him but there is no aggression behind it. Good ground manners, loads and travels well. He is just starting his turnout, I have not put him out with other horses yet as he has only been with us a few days. He has been out regularly with other horses in the past with no issue so I do not forsee an issue.

Legs are clean, tight, and cold.

He is ready to start in any direction... not a horse that's going to want to sit out in pasture and "come down" he thrives off of attention, routine, and has a huge work ethic.

He is going to be a fun one and if he finds himself a home with a good rider I have no doubt he will bounce up the levels fairly quick!

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