• apaulus1987

Iron Horace 4yo Gelding 16hh

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Reduced to 1200!!!!

Shelbyville IN


*provide zip code for shipping quote*




Born with inflamed bronchial tubes, it was described to me as kind of like having 'asthma' .. There is no treatment. It doesnt hinder his ability, he still trained and raced. It WILL cause him to cough which can be heard in the video... But with all the running he did he only coughed one time. Sweet and personable guy that kind of wants to be up in your personal space. He does like to play and chew on lead ropes or really anything you allow him to but does not have a mean bone in his body..tons of personality for sure! Retiring sound and has no vices. He has been turned out since the end of the Indiana meet in November.

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