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Henny Fly 4yo Filly 15'1hh

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Short, stout, and sassy. This little filly has made over 60k and does have a motor. She has raced through the conditions shes able to win and as the races got harder its just been too much on her. This filly has not been at the farm long and I do NOT know a lot about her so can only vouch for what I do know. She does seem body sore and is enjoying turnout... she is NOT for an uneducated person and can be a lottle pushy but with someone knowledgeable she will respect them. Havent seen any vices, gets along with other horses in turn out. I have been down sick and with the meets ending I am starting to overfill at the barn and will have no space for rehabs that need somewhere to go.... her asking price covers her board and shipping fees. I WILL ask for a reference due to such a low asking price, IF you do not have a solid vet reference she is NOT a good fit for you. Shes going as is... has been on 24 hr turnout and will require some clean up.

buyer pays board at 15/day starting the day after purchase until pick up.

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