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French Vanilla 4yo Filly 15'2/15'3hh

Updated: Aug 1, 2021


Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Sweet girl... So so sweet! Aims to please and is easy to handle. She seems pretty unbothered by the farm life and everything its entails but the race track was a but intimidating for her and made her nervous.... Bc of this I do feel she needs someone with confidence and knowledge so she can gain that confidence as she grows in a new discipline. No vices. Retiring sound, just slow and as stared above didnt like the track. Nice/Correct movement and a huge stride! We really like this Girl and if she stays around for a bit will Definitley put miles on her when we get free time (price will go up at that point)

Safe enough I felt comfortable that my 2yr old wanted to play with her and walk her BUT I would still recommend someone knowledgeable.

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1 comentario

03 ago 2021

Is she still available?

Me gusta
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