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Europunkstar 3yo Filly 16hh

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Burlington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

This young filly is a solid tank. I dont think she will grow much taller but she is very thick! She is sweet around people, good manners, easy to mess with and to catch but she is a mare in the aspect of squealing at other horses and pinning her ears at them (when shes in heat) She is not aggressive, at least not that I have ever seen just has a little bit of those "marish qualities"

Retired with very low starts, wasnt much a racehorse. Retired sound with nothing wrong with her... Again just wasnt much of a racehorse. She has no bad habits and has had no behavorial issues thus farm. A pretty bold mare at heart that will likely be a solid and bold horse in the show ring or out on xc if brought along the right way. Acclimated well to the farm, eats well, and settled in right away.

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Olivia K
Olivia K
10. Feb. 2021

i would like to get a shipping quote please!

Gefällt mir
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