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El Moyeto 5yo INTACT 15'1/15'2hh

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Moyeto is a member of our Non Profit group... he is being given away FREE TO GOOD HOME, however a donation would be greatly appreciated directly to the Non Profit so we are able go bring others in that may be in a similar situation!!!!!

Burlington KY




Moe last raced on 12/26. He came off the traxk with a small green osselet that flex a little sore along with juat the typical body soreness of any racehorse. We decided to give him the time and allow him to self heal and be a horse to get his body back to where it should be. Moe is thricing and loves life at the farm, he is kind, sweet, and in your pocket... the type if horse that will follow you around and nibble at your pockets bc he thinks you have something for him. Turns out in my arena and nevee once screams at any of the horses across the aisle. Yes he knows he is intact but he is very manageable. We did decide to pull his shoes bc one was twisted pretty good and we didnt want to confine any abscesses or bruising... he seems to be doing great barefoot, however, I personally would probably put front shoes on him before putting him back in work.

No vices or behavioral issues.. easy to lead, easy to be around. He absoultely loves attention and affection! Moe is ready for his next adventure!

Pics and video



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