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Dutton 5yo Gelding 16'2hh+

Burlington KY


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Dutton is one of my personal horses that has been brought along slow and correct. He enjoys a routine and loves being in work. Gentle and kind, I trust him around my 2yo daughter. No spook, no bad behavior, no vices. He is just an all around good egg that is ALWAYS pleasant. Uphill movement, he has the potential to go upper level.. Without a doubt one of the nicest horses I have been on. Wonderful transitions, works off your leg and will not tolerate and overly "handsy" rider that wants to seesaw. Dutton will jump the moon (literally) height will never be an issue and he throughly loves jumping. Clean changes, they arent auto YET but with a little more time will be. Jumping solid 2-2'3ft courses, I see no need to rush him along. Im looking for the right fit for him, this horse is destined for big things and will not sell him to just anyone.

I had surgery a little over 3 weeks ago and am working towards getting my strength back to get on horses. He will start going to shows and his price will increase.

Front shoes are his biggest maintenance. Low man at turnout, good eater, quiet in his stall, no funny business.

Rides alone or with company, doesnt matter to him. Quiet on trails. Doesnt care about his surroundings.

Has been evaluated by several professional trainers and vets and has been priced accordingly. Not negotiable!

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