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Dare Queen 3yo 16/16'1hh

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Reduced to 1500!!!!!

Florence KY


Anything thats been handled by Andy is bound to be quiet, sensible, and an Amateur friendly restart.. he does a great hands on job working with the horses in his care and leaves them all well rounded and very confident in themselves. This filly at only 3 acts well beyond her years. She is absolutely gorgeous, along with being short backed, stocky, and short coupled (all things that are desireable for a good sport horse) I really think she will be successful in the right hands and I think someone is going to have FUN bringing her along bc of her quiet and easy going attitude along with her willingness!!!

Really low starts. No soundness issues. No behavioral issues. She is a mild cribber, controlled easily with a collar.

Pics and video

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