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Columbiano 7yo HORSE 15'1hh+

Florence KY


provide zip code for shipping quote

NO other pics or video!

Such a cute, plump, stout guy. He is so polite, quiet, and well behaved.. shows NO signs of being intact whatsoever, but is fully dropped and can easily be made a gelding (that's on the buyer it won't be done at the track for you)

Retiring sound. Legs appear very clean, tight, and cold. No vices or behavioral issues. He is such a personable and in your pocket type. I know his previous connections where he came from and he likely is the way he is bc he was treated as a family pet, like she does all of her horses. Nothing wrong with him, solely retiring due to a less than competitive race record and races just continue to get tougher. Will be able to go so many directions and be successful I am sure!

Please contact me by social media or email DO NOT message the website.

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