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Call to Account 4yo Gelding 16hh




Retired at the end of the Belterra meet last fall and has spent the winter at his owners farm mainly on 24 hr turnout. He has kept his weight on with losing just a little muscle (which is normal for any horse out of work ) and I would consider him a fairly easy keeper. He has been barefoot since leaving the track and I am FULLY AWARE he needs his feet trimmed. His owner claims she hasnt been able to get a farrier out with COVID and she lives in a very Rural area. Good news is there is plenty of foot to work with and a good farrier can start shaping them up properly. He loved to train as a racehorse but did not like to perform on actual race day making him not an ideal race horse. He has a good foundation and is very sweet, polite and easy to be around. He has great manners and is also very easy going.

YES, he is a bit of a fixer upper, BUT, he's in good weight and is mainly in need of a good mane pull and a farrier which are very easy fixes. He retired sound and is a very decent and correct mover that will likely do great in a second career and he has the ability to go several directions.

Pics and video

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