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Bubba Seventy Six 3yo Gelding 16'1hh





Bubba is going to be the real deal for someone. He is an incredibly soecial young horse and I full heartedly believe he is going to blossom into something so phenomenal with the right guidance. He is such a sensible 3yo.. smart, willing, kind .... but at the same time he is sensitive. He needs someone who will show him the way and be a positive impact. He is one of the easiest babies to handle and has saintly manners under saddle for a youngster. 1st ride he even stood at the mounting block and to be dismounted patiently without taking a step. So much potential in his movement and so mamy places he can go! We have put one ride on him and are hopeful to out a few more, horses like him are so fun when they WANT to learn and they are intrigued by new things. Overall he is not a spooky horse and and does not look at new surroundings, but can have a normal baby horse moment here and there where he just wants go stop and look.. then goes on about his day. He is fairly trusting to follow you anywhere and do anything you ask.

The ONLY kicker with this guy is he HATES being in a stall. He will weave and get anxious. He can and does stand tied in a stall with zero issues and no anxiety so I'm hopeful with some time off the track and a new experience he will gradually learn to love a stall again. I have him on 24hr turnout and he loves it and is at total peace with always being outside. Originally I made him turnout alone bc I didnt want him to depend on another horse, but now he does have a buddy. He is absolutely FINE both ways. Easy keeper with weight. He is barefoot and seems to do perfectly fine, he's shown me no reason to believe he needs to have shoes at this time.

I do want him with an experienced person.. not because I think he is a handful or danger.. bc he is NOT. Simply because I think his best chance to become the top level horse he could be will be brought out by someone who has the knowledge (and time) he needs to have a good and solid foundation.

Bubba is a very special horse!!!!

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