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Brodytheoxman 3yo Gelding 16'3hh

Cincinnati OH


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

Brody is such a gentleman if you get to know him but first impressions he is shy and timid. He likes attention and loves affection but it WILL take him a minute to warm up to you. He is a big baby, and still growing... Right now he is in a gangly stage. Big bodied (not just tall) He is an AMAZING mover with so much potential. He just won his last race (i know people are wondering why he is for sale bc he just won but if you dont understand racing its hard to understand he won at the bottom and races only get harder... He has essentially ran through eligible conditions and now likely will not be able to compete against a tougher field of horses)

End of the meet is here and going into winter trainers just want to thin the herd of their cheaper horses. He has had no known issues, no vices, no behavioral issues (is shy)

In the right hands he will transform into a really cool guy.

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