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Blue Skies Coming 5yo mare 16hh

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Burlington KY


Sky was kind of given the short end of the stick and put on the back burner with only 3 races total and she has not broke her maiden. She has spent more time at her owners farm than on the track due to now fault of her own. I toon her (along with 2 others) to my farm to clean up as a favor to the owner. They had been living outside all winter and with the very wet winter we have had they were caked in mud (so much that you wouldnt even know she had white on her) we did some major scrubbing to get get as clean as we could with limited hot water to showcase how cute she can be with just a little TLC.

I do think she could gain a few pounds but she is a BEAUTIFUL mare with beautiful movement. One she fills out she will no doubt turn heads. Shes been very kind/sweet to work with and we have had absolutely no problems with her at the farm.

Just a situation where they had absolutely no room left and they have more horses sitting at the farm with no job than they do racehorses currently making money.

She has been barefoot for about a year and seems to be very comfortable.

She is going to be something very special in the right hands.

Full disclosure **

  1. She did have rain rot that we have been treating, the hair is growing back.

  2. She needs a few pounds

  3. She just had a brand new coggins pulled



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