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Zippie Ki Yay 3yo Filly 15'1hh





Only 2 starts and came up with some bad luck in her last race. She came back sore and was xrayed to find a small slab fracture in her knee... Fortunately it doesnt need surgery, just 6 months of stall rest to heal. It is not separated so if healed properly she SHOULD be able to go on in any direction and have a full life and career. This little filly is super quiet and easy to handle, she is so sweet and I do not see her giving anyone trouble through the rehab process. No bad habits and no behavioral issues!

X-rays were taken and will be provided once they are sent to me by the clinic. It is YOUR JOB to review them with the professionals you work with and realistically decide if you are a good fit.

This is a rehab that requires stall rest, please do not contact me asking if she will be okay in a field.

This is a rehab, and as a rehab it requires a current vet reference. That reference will be asked if you have the knowledge and means to care for a rehab. Please make sure you hve this information ready and available if inquiring BC she will not be rehomed wjthout proper reference.

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