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Whats a Yat 9yo Gelding 16hh




Yat has had a long career on the track with tons of traveling miles, there isn't much he hasnt seen in his racing days. Retired fall of 2019 and went on to be a pony horse due to his easy going attitude. He has been ponying in the mornings and has been a great pony horse. This horse does absolutely nothing wrong and aims to please all the time. He neck reins, works off leg pressure, will go english or western, and will always give you the same ride every single time. He has been a good boy his whole life and now he needs a good person to love him! No vices!

I do think he can put on a few pounds and fill out through his topline and neck (which is an easy fix with the correct feeding program and work)

He is ONLY being placed due to racing being put on hold. He is one of the newer pony horses on the string and right now just cannot afford to feed them and keep them all when there is no work.

Great buy for someone who wants and OTTB but is a bit leary about straight off track. Reminder that in order to be a pony horse they have to have a great brain, patience, manners, and they have to listen ALWAYS. It is a very stressful job and a very important job.

Pics and Video

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1 commentaire

13 avr. 2020

I like him need a few days to think about it

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