• apaulus1987

Westgate 3yo Gelding 16'1hh+ 




One of the kindest youngsters I have been around in a while. Wes doesnt care about anything, he is just along for the ride. He isnt a horse that looks around, he doesnt get hot and bothered about loud noises or higher intensity days.. just steady eddy and acts well beyond his years. He has low starts and in those starts has made it clear racing probably isn't his thing. Fortunately he has the build, the attitude, and the gorgeous presence to be able to choose from many different options and bc he is so willing I personally believe he will give his partner 110%. Though he is young, he is Amateur friendly and a great first restart candidate! No vices or behavioral issues. He does have a wart above his eye, they are EASILY REMOVED if just hasn't been a priority. You can remove it yourself or simply have a vent out and take 5 seconds to cut it off (yes it will bleed for a minute but no it will not come back)

He's charming and priced right! A great candidate for many riders looking for a project!



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