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Western Boy 5yo Gelding 16'2/16'3hh 




Everyone has their definition of perfect and this horse is mine! I love everything about him from his kind, curious, and playful personality to his flawless build! He is truly a tank, it's hard to believe he hasnt been a stud! Very personable horse, he is the type that will run to you, not away you. Very good brain and seems to taken everything new around his 100% in stride, he prefers to check things out for himself rather than shy away from them. Absolutely NO vices and NO behavioral issues.. only 12 career starts and you will NOT find a pimple on him. My horse is lucky he is so perfect for me and my situation with a young baby bc if it were any other situation this guy would never leave my barn!!

Perfect upper level potential and would be a great horse for a professional or accomplished Amateur to take up the levels and do the breed a ton of justice and bring awareness to how great OTTBs are. There isnt a doubt in my mind that he has big things in his future!

Pics and video

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