• apaulus1987

Walrus Gumboot 4yo Gelding 16hh

Burlington KY








Wally is a chilly guy with a big personality. He wouldnt hurt a fly, ever.... On the ground he still is very much a baby, as in he likes to chew on his lead rope, grab your pitch fork handle, grab the hood of your sweatshirt and hold it... All things being playful, nothing EVER malicious. He is easy to handle and has good ground manners. The brain on this fella is awesome! We have been rehabbing his knee (please see pics and discuss original xrays with your vet for advice) and he has been the PERFECT gentleman while on stall rest... Loves turnout and is lower horse in the pecking order, enjoys a buddy sweet like him who may lioe a friendly game of halter tag. We were blown away with this guys restart.... Currently has 2 rides back and he is QUIET. Stands to be mounted, complete kick ride, not spooky, and just very easy going.

We have opted to use the neck stretcher on him bc he is a bit mouthy in the bridle and we want to have poaitive rides and obviously work on this. He is an amateur friendly restart and a horse that wants someones affection and attention. Probably limited to lower level stuff bc of a combination of his injury and being slightly over at the knee. With some work couod probably fit in perfect in a lesson program for different level riders. Very easy keeper, currently barefoot. Best home is a must!!

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