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  • apaulus1987

Vyborg 4yo Filly 15'2/15'3hh

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Reduced to 600!!!!




this little filly is sweet and she doesnt care about a darn thing. During our pics they had a ton going on with a tractor and dump truck and she never once paid attention (which is impressive when its 19 degrees and the wind is ripping)

She isnt everyones cup of tea, i know this. She is plain, needs some groceries and to muscle up a bit but i do think there is a gorgeous girl in there. I also know there are plenty of peoppe out there that think a sound and sane horse is far more important than how flashy they are.. which in her case is great! She is an athletic type, will probablg give 110% anytime shes asked to do anything and ultimately will probably be someones best friend. She only has 4 career starts and due to poor performance the owner is selling her so he can claim something else.

Pics and video

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