• apaulus1987

Valid Blue 6yo Gelding 16'1hh

Florence KY



Blue is a really cool guy full of personality. He is a big boned stocky horse with a heavier build and a relatively easy keeper. One of the barn favorites, his trainer thinks he is so sweet and he "tried his heart out."

Blue was treated for EPM last February and then came back not only to grain but race through the rest of the summer meet. He has had time off during the winter meet while horses run on the Polytrack and his owners have decided they are going to go ahead and retire him instead of moving him to the next track for the spring meet. Blue is a more forward type horse. He hasnt been doing much at the track besides enjoying some down time so i do think he would LOVE a little turnout before starting a new job. They have had NO problems with any signs or Symptoms of EPM since treating him and it was caughter very early on. He is a gorgeous guy thay deserves a great home and he comes from a fantastic program!





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