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Trace 8yo Gelding 16'2hh

Updated: May 4

Reduced to 3600***

Burlington KY


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Trace has 18 career starts totaling approx 130k. He was turned out late in 2020 (when COVID came on) and was given a lot of down time to be a horse. Went back to training earlier this year and just isnt the same competitive racehorse he once was... It was a tough decision whether to go on with him or retire him from racing, but here he is! A handful of rides under his belt and so willing to learn. We HAVE been using a neck stretcher on him bc he was carrying himself very hollow (a great tool to help without forcing if used correctly) He has done everything asked of him with zero resistance! Great gaits, smooth transitions... he is starting to willingly stretch down at the walk and round his back and engage his hind end at the trot. Could be a fantastic dressage prospect! Went over his first set of ground poles today very willingly and Im sure with time and training could be a very honest jumper.

Full disclosure - this horse will NOT tolerate a heavy hand dragging on his mouth and pulling him around. He likes steady consistency and is very soft and supple. If youre learning, hand heavy, hand dependent for balance... or generally just ride with hard hands he is likely not the fit for you.

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