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The Incomodo 2yo Colt 15'3/16hh

Updated: Jun 4, 2020




Coming 3 this adorable colt has all the potential in the world to become a successful sport horse. He recently came up from Gulfstream and is in great shape! Only 2 races and has had less than ideal runs both times with very little potential to improve. He is very in your pocket and kind. One of the best behaved young colts I have been around that is 100% respectful of your personal space and doesnt have a mean bone in his body! I do think he will grow quite a bit and finish out at a good size. I havent been around him a lot bc he recently moved north but from the time I have I really like this boy! Not spooky. Not rebellious. Not studdish. I was told he has been seen cribbing on his feed bucket when he eats but I have never personally seen him crib and he does not wear a collar.

Pics and video

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