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Sylvia 5yo Mare 16'2hh

Burlington KY


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Retired from racing in January and has had ample down time (which was needed as she was high strung) she's learned to just be a horse, enjoy turnout, and live a slower paced life which she has settled into well. Was transitioned to front shoes and bc her feet were so solid we went ahead and tried her barefoot to allow her feet to expand and continue to grow and she has been very comfortable this far both on turnout and under saddle. Has been turned out with other mares with no issues (an occasionally squeal maybe) but has only been turned out with one other horse in smaller paddocks not a full herd at this time.. this is due to my set up, not her. No vices and now behavioral issues. Can be a tad bit marish but nothing out of the basic norms when a they come in heat. Eats well, easy keeper. Has had a few post track rides this far and has been overall willing but Definitley needs someone would a good leg that is going to help her balance, push from behind, and learn correct flat work. Has potential and is a good mover! Could be a fancy dressage candidate!

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