• apaulus1987

Surge Pricing 6yo Gelding 15'3hh

Burlington KY

$ 800

*provide zip code for shipping quote*




Surge is a really sweet, kind boy that just wants all the lovings. He can be a little pushy on the ground but nothing that isnt easily corrected. Has settled into farm life and is loving the freedom! No vices or behavioral issues.. Has one post track ride. I am getting a little overwhelmed with rehab horses so really needing to get the horses that are ready to their new homes. The ONLY thing he has is a glue on shoe. He pulled his shoe training recently and the clipped pulled off some foot so they glued a shoe on to allow his foot to grow back. My farrier could easily nail to his foot now but please understand that DOESNT MEAN yours will be comfortable. That being said, he may need to be reset in a glue on shoe again to allow some more growth. YES he needs front shoes.

Has small osselets but has had no soundness issues with them.

Ready to start his new life!

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