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Summer Stroll 5yo Gelding 15'3hh




Retired from racing at the end of the fall meet in 2018, his owners took him home and he has been a field ornament since then. 24/7 pasture with shelter or a stall option in bad weather and at this tine they HAVE to get ride of horses that are sitting and only focus on the ones they have in training and the mares and foals. Summer Stroll is a very kind horse. Regardless of not doing anything in a year and a half he is incredibly quiet, calm, respectful, and easy going. Went straight out and lunged off of ques like he has been being worked regularly. He will clean up nicely with some TLC. 100% an amateur friendly horse. He retired sound with absolutely no issues and no vices. Had low starts and just wasnt cut out for the life of a racehorse bc he wasnt fast enough.

If you can look past needing to be cleaned up he is a great option.

Pics and video

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