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Stormy Fling 10yo Mare 15'3hh

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Lexington KY


*provide zip code for shipping quote*

** full disclosure I had a mix up a month ago bc My belle champ and Stormy Fling look so much alike. The right photos have been uploaded for Stormy Fling above **

I adore this mare and if I had the time I would 100% clean her up and restart her as a little resale project. She is sweet, well mannered and a great mover. Retired from racing in 2015 and has had a few babies (which are also lovely by the way) She is a thick and well buikt girl with a great brain and I think she will come along right away into a new career and be a bery Amateur friendly horse! Has been in a broodmare herd for years and is neither head mare or bottom. There is a SUPERFICIAL crack on the top of her hoof that can easily be wrasped smooth, she has been barefoot for years. Not a project you want to miss, especially if on a tighter budget!!!!

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Dec 29, 2020

Would she be suitable for a novice adult rider in a lesson program? If so, shipping 84770


Dec 23, 2020

Yes there was a mix up of the photos. These are the correct photos for this mare.


Joyce Ellis
Joyce Ellis
Dec 23, 2020

Amy, Stormy's photos are the photos and video for Hy Belle Champ... ?

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