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Stay on Shore 7yo Gelding 16'1hh

Shelbyville IN




Shore is not just a racehorse he is a family member to his owners. If thwy had their own farm they would keep him forever, that simple just isnt the case. He retired in September and played in a therapy program for a little bit and has just been hanging out. His owners WANT him to be used and to have a purpose, Just too nice of a horse to sit around. He will do anything for a peppermint and has been pretty spoiled through his years! Great personality, gentle, quiet, and easy going. He gets along with anyone! No vices and currently barefoot.

About 4 years ago he did have a hairline fracture in his cannon bone HE HAS HAD THE SAME VET OVER THE YEARS... It healed, his legs are "clean" and he is 100% cleared to do anything. The only reason he is retired from racing is bc they could tell he no longer enjoyed it.

His owners love him dearly (will cry when he leaves) and they want someone to get him who will be a long term owner and would stay in touch. Maybe even be FB friends!

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1 Comment

Sandra Bedford
Sandra Bedford
Jul 31, 2020

I am interested please have have someone contact me 540-336-2249. Sandi

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