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Starsaational 4yo Filly 16hh

Updated: Apr 13, 2020




This sweet girl has trained for months getting fit with no issues and has raced ONE time. It was discovered that she has a paralyzed flap and when racing it cuts off her airway making her NOT a good candidate to be a racehorse.she was scoped yesterday and it was confirmed, she was then scratched from racing today. There are surgeries to fix this but as a racehorse the owners are not wanting to do the surgery bc they do not feel she will be a successful racehorse long term. She was able to train and breeze this way just as many others do who have went on to another discipline with Zero issues so i have faith she will have that same happy ending. She lrobably will not be able to be a high endurance XC horse without having the surgery to pull back the paralyzed flap, but i do think she has a ton of options available to her just the way she is!

She is otherwise a very clean legged and sound horse with no vices. Could use a few pounds but nothing that isnt an easy fix.

Pics and video

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