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Speak Louder 2yo Gelding 15'2/15'3hh

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

** REDUCED TO 1200!! **




Personality Galore in this child! He is well behaved and respectful but you will never find a dull moment with him. He is very much a baby and wants to chew on lead ropes or nibble on your clothes but this is in NO WAY malicious. He is curipus of everything around him and is the type that goes towards new, scary things to check them out rather than shy away from them. Incredibly personable! He loves attention and he loves to play.. in fact i spent a good amount of time playing tag with him in the arena tonight (where i run away and he chases me and then when i turn around he stops and I chase him) he is a busy type horse but so pleasant and such a happy guy. With only 5 starts under him he retired bc he never hit the board... coming 3 it is the perfect time to get him going the right way and then putting that solid foundation in place for him to have a bright future! Retired 100% sound and has NO vices. He isnt tall (yet) but he is a very stout horse and judging by his build Im 99% sure he is going to finish out to be a pretty tall guy.

Pics and video

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